Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Updating is Coming on April 21

Are you overwhelmed by the April 21st Google penalty quickly approaching? Need help figuring out if you are at risk of being penalized?

Google has announced another one of those algorithm updates that this time will affect all websites that are not optimized for a mobile experience.  You can read more about this update by The Moz.

You’re probably not interested in becoming a mobile SEO expert. The key questions you’re likely asking yourself are:web-design-whos-the-best

1. How will this impact my business?
If you are dependent on your website to generate new business, it’s imperative that you have your website updated so you don’t lose out on mobile traffic.

2. What should I actually do?
We can help you solve this problem by taking your current site and coding it so it is responsive. This means, your website will properly adjust to a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. We also offer other options that include a turn-key affordable option, a .mobi version or a complete makeover of your site to repsonsive.

3. Do I need to get everything done by April 21st?
This depends on whether or not you are running paid marketing campaigns, or depend on Google traffic to drive you new business. We would be happy to help you create a strategy to get started.

4. What is all this going to cost me?
If you are unhappy with the current look of your website, and would like a complete makeover, take a look below for more details and contact us at 813-814-2888, or fill out the form to the right for more details on how we can help you solve this problem.

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