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2018 Facebook Changes

For those of us who have been with Facebook from the start we have all longed for the "good old days" when we were able to just interact with our family and friends. It was a happier Facebook time with no ads, videos, memes and the attack of the media that somehow made it's way…
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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Updating is Coming on April 21

Are you overwhelmed by the April 21st Google penalty quickly approaching? Need help figuring out if you are at risk of being penalized? Google has announced another one of those algorithm updates that this time will affect all websites that are not optimized for a mobile experience.  You can read more about this update by…
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Google Announcement

The Announcement In December, we said having a mobile-friendly website was essential to a successful SEO strategy in 2015. This is now more true than. Google announced last week that it is expanding on mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. To emphasize the importance of this, let’s look at an exact quote from the announcement. "Starting…
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